Baccarat buy-ins and Bankroll! Why do we need them? One of the most important parts when playing baccarat is the Buy-Ins and bankroll. Many system sellers will completely avoid this topic, a few of them mention required units and that’s about it. I am sure whoever is reading this can attest to this. You are always left in the dark. The worst part is that no one even talks about recovery. I do not apply this to everybody, there are some very good system sellers out there who talk and make this known to you. Let’s not mention names, you know who are the good and bad ones.

So how do we approach this topic? It’s a big topic and I don’t plan my writing as I’m in no way a professional writer. These articles are for members of Rigel Castle. It just flows from my head, so kindly excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes. So will be in US English and some in UK English. I just hope one can comprehend it. I could get emotional on this topic, so please bear with me.


This is the amount of money that you require to play a single session based on your preferred Bet Selection, Money Management, and Unit Size Value. Let me tell you this, 90% of baccarat players are not aware of their buy-ins let alone their bankroll. This is the primary reason they fail and lose their buy-in time after time. They are not prepared to handle the table variance when it appears. The variance will subside and you will start winning again for that you need sufficient buy-in to be present during your play.

Now there are others who will try to shortcut this process by thinking of applying the divide-and-conquer approach, if you are going to do this then why don’t you start with a lower amount? They will never listen they think they are the smartest prick and they can succeed, guess what they will sit there week after week grinding between wins and losses.

Now, have you ever tried to climb a money ladder by applying the values or percentages to your buy-ins? Like daily/weekly compound by 10%? Did you succeed? There are very few who do. Have you asked yourself why you were never able to successfully follow the rest? The answer is very simple, besides being disciplined it’s got to do with your buy-ins and bankroll.


What should your bankroll be? Many will get confused about Bankroll and Buy-Ins as the term is used interchangeably by many people, they will confuse the rest of us as well and we will confuse everyone else. It took me a lot of reading to understand the correct use of these terms.

A buy-in is what you use for a play session. A bankroll is your play money allocated for your lifestyle. Which is not your rent money, mortgage payment money, education savings, your entire savings or anything else that is meant for keeps. This is a special money which is allocated for playing your favourite casino games. You may have this in a dedicated bank account as well.

With a simple game of Banker or Player why do I need to do all this complicated management? Well surely there is a reason lets dive into it.

Wins and Losses

How often has it been that you have won every game you played? Some of you with Lady Luck sitting next to you will have that or some with the golden horseshoe. But is every one that lucky? I don’t believe in luck, for me it is all maths and statistics which give me the edge in the game. Can I be wrong, yes I can be wrong but I can right more times than being wrong that is what I am looking for. I don’t want to make a guess, I want to make a prediction that gives me the edge.

So what is the magic ratio for bankroll to buy-ins? It is 1:10 units.

1 : 10

Let us say you have 1000 units for your bankroll, then the max buy-ins you can have a session is 100 units for that session you are going to play. You can come out with a positive or negative outcome for that session but you cannot utilise more than your buy-ins.

Anytime you have lost 100 units in that session of play, it is time to walk away, It is just not your session and you don’t immediately play the next session. Give it a break. Many may question why. Don’t forget that what happens in our mind affects the hormones and other cells in our body, it will take time to settle at least for a few hours. Just walk away and come back later. Another important thing to remember is not to chase the 100 units that we lost. Many players fall prey to this because they just want to get it back and when they are in this mode they will lose more than what they have already lost.

Properly funded baccarat buy-ins and bankroll

The casino has tonnes of money in its bank to continue playing, unfortunately, you don’t have that option and there are restrictions like table limit and our mind. It is very taxing to play shoe after shoe, don’t forget their dealers change every 40 minutes to an hour but you are still at the table. If you are not having a good day that is going to double the stress. So no your limits we are all not Superman.

Now, if you are playing online this is going to be even more difficult. Trust me, online is much more difficult than brick and mortar why? On online play, you can’t split your buy-in to a different section and only play with your full bankroll. This in turn makes it even harder to control our emotions, on a bad day you will just dump everything you have on your bet and it disappears into thin air and you will be staring at the ceiling saying “What the F** did I just do”? Well, it’s too late now.

So having 10x of your buy-in and keeping that discipline will always keep you above the water. The Rigel Castle Baccarat App will help you with this and watching the Tutorials that are on the site will keep you informed and knowledgeable.

Practice using the App with the Wizard of Odds Site. Manage your bankroll and you will be a constant winner. It takes time and dedication but that is what going to get you there amongst the top baccarat players worldwide.

I wish you all the best in every session that you play. Good luck.