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Rigel Castle

About Rigel Castle was created by a bunch of baccarat enthusiasts to make playing baccarat fun and entertaining. They had so much fun playing the game and decided to make an app to make it much easier.

Now they have decided to share this great app with all baccarat players, so they can have fun too.

Our Mission

We are making playing baccarat fun without all the hassle and fuss. We intend to turn rocks into professional baccarat players. We believe that with the proper education provided anyone can be successful in all of their endeavours.

Baccarat is no different. There is plenty of good information online but what I have realised is that much such information is incomplete.

Lords of the Kingdom

You can’t get a better team than this.

Many people have helped to make this App what it is today, my journey with baccarat started two years ago. I learnt this game from a friend during the pandemic. I was very fortunate to meet some of the most kind and helpful people on the planet. This world just seems to amaze me, the kind of help you get when you ask from all over the world.

Rich Fortner

My Mentor and well-wisher gave me a whole new perspective on Baccarat. Halfway around the world with a time zone difference of 12 hours and tolerating my ignorance of baccarat. Taught me C2Bet4 which changed my life forever. Being a Navy Veteran, he taught me Bet Selection, Money Management, and most importantly of all discipline. Discipline is the most difficult of all, you need to control your emotions and stay cool in the game. Recovery system and a whole lot more.

He had a YouTube channel and all the videos there were priceless. I have watched them over and over because every time you watch them, you will get some information. It is very sad the channel is no longer, but I am honoured that I’m still in touch with him. He just wanted to teach everyone how to play baccarat and became a legend to many

The Other Fine Gentlemen

I have a few more people that I need to acknowledge who also contributed in many ways. They have shared their knowledge taught me many things about baccarat and challenged me to do and think differently.

These great gentlemen are Atlantic City Mikey, Tony Famo, Wilson Casino Amigos, Brian Hensley, Mike Pawtucket, and Ricky Vegas. It is of great honour to these fine gentlemen with whom I had the opportunity to discuss and share strategies. There are many others which would be a long list if I were to mention all of them.

About Quality Assurance

This App has been tested by so many people around the world From New Zealand to the United States in different Brick and Mortar casinos, Online casinos, Online RNG Casinos, and many simulators.

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Work With Us

If you have a great baccarat System and would like to share it with the world for free or for a small fee, get in touch with us.