The Best Baccarat App in the Kingdom

Baccarat is an awesome game for fun and entertainment. A group of baccarat enthusiasts got together to make an App so it would make it much more fun to play this wonderful game of chance.

The Baccarat App

—— Your dream comes true

This is an educational and entertainment App, it helps you improve your baccarat game and lets you practice with various money management

That headache is no longer for you, based on your preferred bet selection and money management the app will assist in predicting based on your setting and configuration the best possible bet.

The App has over 100,000 simulated baccarat shoes which will be available from version 4.0 onwards for you to pair those shoes with your preferred bet selection and money management.

Know what is your required Buy-In and the number of steps for your desired progression. Get to know your Peak, Trough, and Draw downs in a particular shoe.

Baccarat App

Featured Bet Selection

We have some of the most amazing bet selection and money management that you can use the App and have fun with. Try the various combinations and choose what suits you the best.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Team Rigel

An action-phased bet selection that is designed to attack the baccarat shoe.

This bet selection gives you full action combined with some of the best aggressive money management for high unit consistent wins.

Secret Seven

Secret Seven

Team Rigel

Secretive in its operation, this bet selection follows the trend of the shoe, looks out for streaks and chops, and goes after every one of them.

High action when the shoe is aligned with its trend.

C2Bet4 Rich


Richie Rich

A scientifically based bet selection with many variants to make playing fun. Its have been proven over tens of thousands of shoes the C2Bet4 comes up on top all the time.

A consistent money maker for over two years now.



Team Rigel

A conservative bet selection takes time to provide the prediction. Use a defense mechanism if the shoe is not going right and prevents you from placing unnecessary bets. Froggy is slow, he jumps from column to column and only lets you bet when the opportunity to win is at 85% and above.

It consistently makes 5-10 units a shoe. Great for newbies and slow players.

Mikey BigBoy UD

Mikey BigBoy UD


These cute puppies, clean up the table almost every time. Switch between the BigBoy and Underdog they tear up any baccarat shoe.

This also has variants for the player to choose from and adapts to the player’s style of play from aggressive to conservative.

Has proven itself over tens of thousands of shoes in brick-and-mortar casinos.

OG Horizontal UnderDog

OG Horizontal UD

Team Rigel

A cute underdog play style that attacks the shoe horizontally. Jumping over Streak and Chop and mainly used with flat betting it will bring in the units slow and steady. A consistent winner from its creators being played in Las Vegas.

Adapts itself to various other money management and is a fun system to play for novice to professional baccarat players.



Wilson Casino Amigos & Team Rigel

High-intensity baccarat play, you will love this as it kabooms every baccarat hand. Wilson and Team Rigel tweaked this bet selection and turned it into a consistent winner.

It gains a good number of units a shoe.



Team Rigel

Know as the system to slay obstacles in baccarat, we know of many a times we go P the shoes go B., Vritra was created to overcome those obstacles and frustration.

It will surprise you how the bet selection moves around the shoe.

Crazy Kangaroo

The Crazy Kangaroo

Tony Famo

Like the Baby kangaroos in Australia, this bet selection will be jumping all over the shoe exploring and taking advantage of the shoe’s weak spot.

A difficult bet selection to play with paper and pen but this app makes it a breeze putting you among consistent winners.

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