Baccarat Players’ edge? We very well know that the casino has a house edge in every game they offer. The house edge varies from game to game with baccarat offering the lowest house edge. So, is there something for the player? The Players Edge, many will argue there is not and will continue to play the thinking only the casino has a house edge.

We at Rigel Castle think otherwise, we believe in something called the Players Edge or ‘Visitors Edge’. Why is that? The details below describe how you can latch on to the Players Edge and give the casino a run for its money.

Casinos are built on losers but there is a small percentage of players who can bring the house edge to their side and give the player the edge against the casino. So what have the casinos done that it’s difficult to beat them?



For starters, the casino environment is full of distraction may it be in the brick and mortar or online. They are all made to distract the player’s attention from the game. It can come in many forms. The beautiful ladies at the casino, if a man does not look at a pretty lady and pass a comment or a glance he is not a gentleman at all. Women dress beautifully for compliments, a gentleman would surely give a nice compliment, a wink, or a nod.


Next, all the free alcoholic drinks that you can have to your heart’s content, alcohol reduces our ability to think rationally. It creates a fall pretense in our minds. It gives us stupid courage ( I will expand this further later on). These are what I call moderate distractions.


Aggressive distraction, people are always intimidated when they start winning at the casino. You bought in for $1000 by a fluke of luck you are now up $5000. Do you know of people who say they will lose a little so they don’t look suspicious? When the casino is winning do you think the casino is going to say, let me give some back to these losers so they think the casino is being fair? Hell No, their job is to take as much money from you as they can. So why do you want to give your winnings to the casino? It’s a fair game when cards are dealt.

Pit Bosses

Pit Bosses, oh this sends shivers down my spine. LOL. The job of the pit bosses is to manage the manage the floor men, who are the supervisors for table game dealers in a casino.  One pit boss monitors all floor men, dealers, and players in the pit; there is usually one-floor man for every six tables. The floor men correct minor mistakes, but if a severe gaming discrepancy arises (such as duplicate cards being found in a deck), it is the job of the pit boss to sort it out. He or she is too busy with their job, occasionally they will step up to you for a chat. This is to be friendly with you and get you to come back more often to the casino. They are just being friendly and see if anything else they can do for you. you may feel that some are staring at you, bear in mind their job is tough and they could be thinking of something else without even realizing they are staring at you. How often do we do this ourselves? So, Pit Bosses are the least of your worries.

Eyes in the Sky

Next, the eyes in the sky. You don’t even know if they are looking at you, this is just our mind playing tricks with us. Do you know why? Because by nature we are attention seekers, everything and anything we do revolves around us. The sky in the eye is there to take care of our security and well-being just focus on that and not on the Hollywood movies that you have seen. The movie business is commercial, there is too much fake stuff in there that makes us believe.

Baccarat Player’s Edge

Now that we have all these worries behind us, how do we utilize the Player’s edge?

Even while casinos give the impression of being strong, you can enter one with the knowledge that you are ahead of the house. It takes more wins than losses to be a profitable gambler. What strategies will you employ to get the upper hand against this strong opponent?

Performing the following tasks will give you an advantage:

  1. When you’re losing, you can give up.
  2. When you are winning, you can stand up and end the session.
  3. The amount that you stake can be changed.
  4. You decide, where to play, when to play, and what to play.
  5. Change Strategy, based on table results and conditions.
  6. Have a winning plan and discipline management

The majority of players are unaware of the advantages these provide. No, the casino isn’t adaptable. It can’t respond to shifting circumstances; it has to keep providing the same games under the same rules. The quick player has the ability to dodge, weave, and even decide not to play a certain game. Let’s explore the Baccarat Players’ Edge further.

When you’re losing, you can give up.

No matter what happens, the casino must keep running its games, but you can always control your losses. I’ve witnessed profitable baccarat tables where players made over a few hundred thousand dollars in less than an hour. The casinos’ only options are to place additional chip orders and hope that the winning streak ends.

When you are winning, you can stand up and end the session.

When you stop playing, you always have control as a player. Even though the casino needs to keep running its games around the clock, you can start playing, get lucky, make some money, and stop playing. The casino lacks this ultimate flexibility, but you do.

The amount that you stake can be changed.

One strategy a player can employ is to raise his bets when he is winning and lower them when he is losing. In the event of a loss, he might also decide to increase his bets so that he only wins one or two bets out of many. It is possible for a player to arrange his bets so that he is not required to win most of them.

When these strategies are applied skillfully, the house edge can be reduced and transformed into a player edge. Hence we often call ourselves advantage players and not gamblers.

You decide, where to play, when to play, and what to play.

Play at tables that present the most favorable circumstances for you. If you play during off-peak periods, you can opt to play at nearly empty tables. You greatly raise your hourly win rate by doing this. Make it your mission to identify the best table to play on. Whether you are hit and run or like playing seated on a table, everything is under your control. You decide when to bet, how much to bet, and what to bet on.

Before you play, you can scout for the ideal table if you have specific requirements. While the house is required to provide the game to anyone who is old enough to play, complies with the relatively loose casino standards, and has some money to start playing, you have a lot of options.

You know where your limits are, the table limit, the current hand the table is on, and how the table performed before you entered it. This is your advantage against the casino. Make full use of it.

Change Strategy, based on table results and conditions.

Different trends emerge at different times for each table. While some tables reward players who play player only, others reward those who take a risk at returns and bet on bankers only. Most tables are unreliable and do not clearly indicate which bets are better.

As the playing conditions change, you can adapt to them. If the outcomes in the table are repeating streaks or chops, you can adjust your plan to capitalize on this pattern. There are more moves you can do if the table is extremely cold. To put it briefly, you can parry and counterpunch, duck and thrust, and bob and weave. Nothing can cause the table to respond. Every baccarat table is similar to an inanimate object that you must continually pounce and circle while grinding out wins.

Have a winning plan and discipline management.

There is ultimate discipline in the house. The layout of the casino’s games and overall ambiance reveals a well-thought-out strategy intended to move money from players’ pockets into the casinos’s coffers as quickly as feasible.

Naturally, a big part of this is due to the fact that most players lack discipline. By developing the self-control to create and adhere to a winning strategy, you can significantly reduce the advantage that the casino has over a large number of players.

Advantage of the Baccarat Players Edge

All the previously mentioned factors contribute to the Baccarat player’s edge. Applying all of the player’s edge components will ultimately overcome and neutralize the casino’s advantage. Your discipline will be your greatest asset. It’s interesting to note that the casinos demand the same level of discipline from their employees, floor supervisors, and dealers. You can be confident that if it works for them, it will also work for you.